Graham’s Birth Story

*disclaimer* I wrote this entry a couple weeks after Graham was born, but I wanted to share since it was all so fresh in those early days and brings back the sweetest memories!

It was a Sunday morning, April 10th to be exact.  I woke up partly sad because I still hadn’t gone into labor (mind you, I still hadn’t reached my due date but I was so impatient!).  I thought it would happen since I had been having bloody show (TMI?) for two days and I ate an entire pineapple on Friday night to get things going.  Another morning came, still no baby.  Eliot and I arrived early to church for prayer meeting before the worship service. While we were praying as a group I felt some pain I haven’t felt before, but I didn’t want to assume they were real contractions or get my hopes up so I just ignored it (could the pineapple have worked?! lol).  During the service the pain started getting gradually more painful, so I squeezed Eliot’s leg and let him know that I thought this was it and that we needed to go home directly after service so I could time my contractions and call the midwife.  My contractions were 3-4 minutes apart by the time we got home and getting more painful.  I was even on my hands and knees for a few of them.  I called the midwife and she said I could come in to get checked, so Eliot packed our bags and we were off!  When we got to the hospital they checked me into triage and checked my cervix and I was 4.5 CM, so they let me stay, WHOOP!

They moved us into one of the labor and delivery rooms, got me hooked up to an IV, and we just waited as the contractions came and went.  Pretty soon my contractions started to become unbearable for me so I had the nurses call for an epidural (yes, I was terrified of a giant needle going into my spine, but I was more terrified of the excruciating pain that is natural labor.. sue me).  Before I got the epidural the midwife checked my cervix again and I was 7 CM and my water broke!  This was all so exciting and everything was going so much smoother than I thought it would.  Soon after this I got the epidural, and let me tell you, it was a MIRACLE!! I didn’t feel any more excruciating pain, just some pressure from the contractions.  I was able to relax more and really enjoy the process of labor and I am so thankful that I decided to get the epidural.  Eliot was texting my mom and sister the entire time, giving them updates and sending them pictures of me throughout the process.  The nurses were so kind and enjoyable to be with throughout the labor.  My midwife came in a little while later to see how I was doing and to check my cervix again, and low and behold I was 10 CM already!! It was time to start pushing! I couldn’t believe it and neither could Eliot.  My nurse, Cynthia, told me that my body was made to have babies because the labor was going so smoothly for my first baby.  Best compliment ever.

The midwife and nurses were getting everything set up and ready to go. Eliot texted everyone telling them that it was time for me to start pushing! Once my next contraction came along I needed to push and it was honestly like pushing when you are going poop (TMI again?).  It was so strange but I went with it and did what the midwife and nurses said to do.  With each contraction I took deep breaths and pushed as hard as I could, and with each contraction the pressure down low was getting worse.  Towards the end of my pushing I was about ready to give up because I felt as if I had used up all of my strength already and tears streamed down my face out of frustration.  My nurse, Cynthia, grabbed my hand, pulled it down and placed it on my baby boy’s head, which was almost out.  That was just the motivation that I needed to push him out, and by the next contraction I pushed with all of my might and never felt as much satisfaction as I did when I felt his body come out.  Never had I felt as much joy as I did when I heard him crying and when they placed him on my chest.

Graham Eliot DeLorme.  Our precious baby boy was 7 lb. 6 oz. and 20 inches long of pure perfection.  He was (and is) the most perfect baby I have ever laid my eyes on.  I was crying tears of joy and my heart was bursting at the seams.  Eliot was laughing and crying with pure joy.  We couldn’t believe he was finally here.  Our sweet Graham had made his arrival.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  When I saw Eliot hold our baby boy for the first time my heart couldn’t handle it.  I have never seen him more joyful than he was in that moment.

After a couple hours we got to go upstairs to the beautiful suites that you stay in after delivering your baby.  We had the most beautiful view of the Minneapolis skyline!  Eliot and I didn’t sleep much the two nights that we had to stay in the hospital, not just because Graham cried and figuring out nursing (which, by the way, was SO hard the first week!!), but even when he was asleep we couldn’t sleep because we were so filled with joy and excitement and all we wanted to do was stare at him.  We couldn’t wait to go home and start our life as a little family of three.  We came home on Tuesday afternoon and it felt so surreal driving home with OUR baby.  We couldn’t believe he was ours to keep.  The most precious gift from the Lord.  We came home to my mom at our apartment, who had tidied up the whole apartment, had freshly baked cookies made, mashed potatoes, and beef roast in the crockpot for us.  We were over the moon with joy and thankfulness!

Graham has been with us for 16 days now and these have honestly been the most joyful days of our lives.  He has such a sweet, tender spirit.  Even his cries are so sweet and precious (unless he has a tummy ache, then he screams bloody murder. No more chipotle for mama).  This week has been my first week all on my own since mom left this past Friday and Eliot started his summer job yesterday.  The Lord has given so much grace in this transition and I truly am loving and cherishing every moment with my precious Graham.  I feel like I am in my element with motherhood, like this is exactly what I am supposed to do with my life.  It is everything I dreamed of and more.  Truly the most wonderful calling and the greatest privilege to be Graham’s mama.  I love watching him grow each day and can’t wait to see his personality come through more, but he’s my sweet baby and he can’t grow up too fast.

I know this was a super long post, but it brought back so much incredibly nostalgic joy to my heart to re-read Graham’s birth story.  I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to share any similarities or anything from your birth story!


One thought on “Graham’s Birth Story

  1. My gosh I relate to this so much. Mainly when you got to the epidural. Bless those mothers who do it without, I was in so much pain. I couldn’t breath. So I got the epidural and was in heaven. I also agree with pushing, it shows the true strength God places on us women to push that baby out. I was ready to give up, I was so tired and weak and had been pushing for 25 min. It was just ready to be done(also my epidural had partially worn off so I felt most this). Then my doctor told touch his head, so I push a few more times. And he hadn’t moved…. it was when tony looked at me and told me I could do it, I could have this baby, I was so strong and he was there. I pushed harder than I have ever pushed and out he came. It was…. intense. I the tears flowing. Between tony and I. And OMGOSH the look on his face when he saw Joey. It’s a look I can never forget. God has blessed me with two amazing men. Tony is an outstanding husband and father and Joey is just the most precious baby boy.

    Amazing story. ❤

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