Graham’s Nursery

When I got pregnant we were living in a one bedroom apartment at the time and we were put on the waiting list for a two bedroom in the same complex we were in, hoping that we could get in before Graham was born.  Time got closer and closer to Graham’s due date and there was no sign of any apartments opening up for us, so we knew we would be staying in the one we were in for a little while longer than we had hoped.  Throughout the pregnancy I dreamed of creating a wonderful nursery for Graham, but those dreams were crushed any time I thought of our crammed space at the time.  Fast forward a little bit.  When Graham was just shy of 3 months old our landlord emailed us about an extremely specific request from a resident who was living in a two bedroom apartment.  She wanted to downgrade to a one bedroom apartment that was facing the little lake in the back (which was EXACTLY what ours was!!!)  We literally just swapped apartments.  The Lord was so kind to provide us this two bedroom apartment in his perfect timing, just one month before Eliot started seminary!

All this to say, it was such a sweet joy for me to be able to create this space for Graham after what felt like a long time to wait to do it (at least for me.. patience is hard for me lol!).  Recently Graham and I have spent a lot more of our time in here reading, playing, and listening to music.  I grab my coffee and cozy up on the rocking chair while he just explores and plays away and I just watch him, filled with thankfulness for our little space!  As you look through the pictures you’ll find that I’m a huge sucker for all things grey.. I just can’t help it!! All white everything is obviously the trend right now, but I just couldn’t rid myself of my love for grey.  Hey, at least the walls and his nightstand are white LOL!! Hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures and feel free to ask where something is from if I didn’t mention it already!


img_2046I found those light-blocking curtains from Target online and they’re so cute with the little clouds on them!  Simple white nightstand is from Target as well.
img_2049We ordered this crib from Amazon, but I think it’s originally from Babies”R”Us. Love the soft grey color!  The “BEAR” banner was a gift from my mom, but I’m almost positive she got it from a shop on Etsy.  The beautiful garland underneath is made of pastel colored driftwood and we got it at this adorable local boutique in LaFayette, Louisiana.
img_2057This “changing table” is actual just a children’s dresser from IKEA.  I love the three spacious drawers for clothes, the three little cubbies to put baskets in, and that there’s enough space on top to put a changing pad, a packet of wipes, lotion, and hand sanitizer! Our rocking chair is from Target, and that beautiful blanket was handmade by my mom for Graham.
img_2045We got these wire organizer baskets with the copper handles from Target and absolutely love them! So great for diapers, lotions/creams/medicine, bibs/burp cloths, etc.

Also, we originally got the Diaper Genie when Graham was born, but it broke soon after we bought it and it was such a pain to deal with! I researched Ubbi diaper pails and fell in love (as much as you can with a diaper pale LOL)! It’s so pretty and came already assembled and contains the smell in so well!
img_2050I’m obsessed with gallery walls and have been since Eliot and I got married two years ago, so it was so fun putting one together for Graham’s nursery!
img_1832This little rustic wood shelf is from Hobby Lobby and it’s one of my favorite pieces in the nursery! I love that it has hooks to hang my Wildbird slings or Graham’s little sweatshirts/coats. I love changing up the decor on top of the shelf for different seasons.
img_2047When we moved into this apartment Graham’s closet already had this amazing built-in shelf organizer!!! How perfect is that for a nursery?! It has little bars to hang clothes and I love organizing with different baskets.
img_2040We put all of his books, toys, and stuffed animals in cute baskets and I love how it looks in the closet!


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