My Lipsense Journey

I have some exciting news to share with you guys… I am officially a Lipsense Distributor!!!  If you would have told me like four months ago that I would be taking this up I’d laugh in your face because I honestly didn’t start enjoying wearing any makeup besides cover up and mascara until this past November!  A friend of mine posted about Lipsense around that time and I watched a video of women wearing it and showing how it’s budge/smudge proof, kiss proof, and water proof.  Watching it made me incredibly interested and intrigued by this stuff, so I joined her group and ordered one from her to see what it was all about.

If you aren’t familiar with Lipsense at all, it is a long-lasting (4-18 hours) plant-based gluten free, lead free, non-GMO, wax free liquid lip color that molecularly bonds to your lips and unlike most other lipsticks it is a two step process: 1) you put three very thin layers of color on your lips, all in one sweeping motion and not going back and forth with the brush (letting it dry 10-15 seconds in between each layer) 2) you top the color off with their amazing gloss to moisturize/hydrate your lips and protect the color.  The first color I got was Praline Rose with matte gloss and I was instantly hooked!! I will say that when you first use Lipsense it will burn your lips because it has a type of alcohol in it to kill germs and bacteria (which is amazing), but after a few times and once you put the gloss on the burning sensation goes away.  You will go through an “exfoliation process” when you start wearing Lipsense because it gets rid of all the wax and gunk on your lips from previous chapsticks and lipsticks and makes your lips healthy and full again!  The exfoliation process can last anywhere between a few days up to a month, but I would say mine lasted about a week.  This is the hardest part and I really encourage you to press on because once you reach the other side of that your lips will feel amazing and the color will stay on for so long! One more awesome thing about Lipsense is that since you need to do three layers of color you can mix different colors together to make a completely new color! I love layering the colors that I have!

Anyways, I had been thinking on and off about becoming a Lipsense Distributor for a couple months now and after talking through it and praying with my husband we decided I should go for it since it’s a product I love so much and it would be enjoyable for me to have something to do during Graham’s naps and after he goes to bed at night!  One reason I love Lipsense so much is because as a mama I have days where I feel so exhausted that I just want to stay on my pjs and do nothing all day, but once I get dressed, do my hair, and put on my Lipsense it really helps me feel a little bit more put together and gives me a little boost to face the day and be faithful to what the Lord has given me for that day.  It may sound stupid, this product has been one of God’s common graces to me and I am so excited for this new little journey!

If you have any interest in Lipsense or any questions feel free to comment or email me!  I would love to chat with you about it!! I also have a Facebook group for my little shop where I have pictures of all the colors and I’ll share videos and pictures of different colors on myself as well, so if you would like to be added to my group let me know or just go to this link and join! (

Seriously you guys, this lipstick is incredible and I love the fact that it sells itself!!! Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my excitement! Here are some pictures of me in the colors that I currently have:


Graham’s Nursery

When I got pregnant we were living in a one bedroom apartment at the time and we were put on the waiting list for a two bedroom in the same complex we were in, hoping that we could get in before Graham was born.  Time got closer and closer to Graham’s due date and there was no sign of any apartments opening up for us, so we knew we would be staying in the one we were in for a little while longer than we had hoped.  Throughout the pregnancy I dreamed of creating a wonderful nursery for Graham, but those dreams were crushed any time I thought of our crammed space at the time.  Fast forward a little bit.  When Graham was just shy of 3 months old our landlord emailed us about an extremely specific request from a resident who was living in a two bedroom apartment.  She wanted to downgrade to a one bedroom apartment that was facing the little lake in the back (which was EXACTLY what ours was!!!)  We literally just swapped apartments.  The Lord was so kind to provide us this two bedroom apartment in his perfect timing, just one month before Eliot started seminary!

All this to say, it was such a sweet joy for me to be able to create this space for Graham after what felt like a long time to wait to do it (at least for me.. patience is hard for me lol!).  Recently Graham and I have spent a lot more of our time in here reading, playing, and listening to music.  I grab my coffee and cozy up on the rocking chair while he just explores and plays away and I just watch him, filled with thankfulness for our little space!  As you look through the pictures you’ll find that I’m a huge sucker for all things grey.. I just can’t help it!! All white everything is obviously the trend right now, but I just couldn’t rid myself of my love for grey.  Hey, at least the walls and his nightstand are white LOL!! Hope you enjoy browsing through the pictures and feel free to ask where something is from if I didn’t mention it already!


img_2046I found those light-blocking curtains from Target online and they’re so cute with the little clouds on them!  Simple white nightstand is from Target as well.
img_2049We ordered this crib from Amazon, but I think it’s originally from Babies”R”Us. Love the soft grey color!  The “BEAR” banner was a gift from my mom, but I’m almost positive she got it from a shop on Etsy.  The beautiful garland underneath is made of pastel colored driftwood and we got it at this adorable local boutique in LaFayette, Louisiana.
img_2057This “changing table” is actual just a children’s dresser from IKEA.  I love the three spacious drawers for clothes, the three little cubbies to put baskets in, and that there’s enough space on top to put a changing pad, a packet of wipes, lotion, and hand sanitizer! Our rocking chair is from Target, and that beautiful blanket was handmade by my mom for Graham.
img_2045We got these wire organizer baskets with the copper handles from Target and absolutely love them! So great for diapers, lotions/creams/medicine, bibs/burp cloths, etc.

Also, we originally got the Diaper Genie when Graham was born, but it broke soon after we bought it and it was such a pain to deal with! I researched Ubbi diaper pails and fell in love (as much as you can with a diaper pale LOL)! It’s so pretty and came already assembled and contains the smell in so well!
img_2050I’m obsessed with gallery walls and have been since Eliot and I got married two years ago, so it was so fun putting one together for Graham’s nursery!
img_1832This little rustic wood shelf is from Hobby Lobby and it’s one of my favorite pieces in the nursery! I love that it has hooks to hang my Wildbird slings or Graham’s little sweatshirts/coats. I love changing up the decor on top of the shelf for different seasons.
img_2047When we moved into this apartment Graham’s closet already had this amazing built-in shelf organizer!!! How perfect is that for a nursery?! It has little bars to hang clothes and I love organizing with different baskets.
img_2040We put all of his books, toys, and stuffed animals in cute baskets and I love how it looks in the closet!

Drawing Me Closer To Himself

Eliot and I celebrated our second anniversary together as husband and wife on January 3 of this year.  We went to this yummy Italian restaurant and got to reflecting/talking.  At some point during our conversation, Eliot asked me how my walk with the Lord has been and I broke down crying as I realized more and more that I’ve been viewing the Heavenly Father wrongly. I hadn’t been viewing Him for who He fully is with all of His attributes in light of Scripture.  I realized that I was only viewing Him as a Sovereign Ruler and neglecting the Truth that He is a fully loving, good, gracious and gentle Father, too.  I was fearing Him but not freely loving or delighting in Him.  I had no problem believing that Jesus loved me and was gentle with me because I know that He died for me, but I had forgotten that the Trinity is completely intertwined and always working together in all things, and that God the Father is the One who sent Jesus IN LOVE.  The Father is the source of all love.

John Owen spoke directly to my heart when he said, “It is God’s will that he should always be seen as gentle, kind, tender, loving, and unchangeable.  It is his will that we see him as the Father, and the great fountain and reservoir of all grace and love.  This is what Christ came to reveal.  Christ came to reveal God as a Father (John 1:18).”  I praise God for revealing this to me, convicting me, and drawing me closer to Himself through this season of seeking Him for who He truly is.  Soon after I came to this realization, the Lord reminded me of this precious memory that happened just two days before our anniversary:

Eliot was holding Graham as we sang worship songs at Church.  As we sang the lyrics, “You had mercy, mercy on me. Now I am a sinner, a sinner made clean,” I looked over at Graham as he was resting his head on his Daddy’s chest.  Eliot’s arms were wrapped around him while they were swaying back and forth to this beautiful Gospel song we were singing.  Eliot is so proud to be Graham’s daddy, he delights in him so much and loves him with all he has.  He would do anything for him.  This is the way that God the Father is with me because of what Christ has done for me on the Cross.  He loves and delights in me just the same as He does in Jesus. He loves His children so much that He sent Jesus, His perfect Son, to die for our sins so that we could have eternal life with Him forever and ever!!  He wraps me up in His arms, He is tender and gentle and gracious and loving towards me.  That moment was one of the most beautiful and influential moments in my walk with the Lord and it will be a picture etched on my heart and in my memory all the days of my life. I was crying when it happened and I’ve cried every time I’ve thought about it. The Father is so good!! I want to delight in Him and look at Him the way Graham looks at his daddy. I am so unworthy of the Lord’s love for me, yet He loves me despite all of my sins and failures.  May I (and you) know and believe with all of your heart that if you are in Christ, the Father loves you with an everlasting love and desires for you to love him with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength!

“Have no fears or doubts about his love for you.  The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay on the Father, the greatest unkindness you can do to him is not to believe that he loves you.” // John Owen, Communion with the Triune God //

Graham’s Birth Story

*disclaimer* I wrote this entry a couple weeks after Graham was born, but I wanted to share since it was all so fresh in those early days and brings back the sweetest memories!

It was a Sunday morning, April 10th to be exact.  I woke up partly sad because I still hadn’t gone into labor (mind you, I still hadn’t reached my due date but I was so impatient!).  I thought it would happen since I had been having bloody show (TMI?) for two days and I ate an entire pineapple on Friday night to get things going.  Another morning came, still no baby.  Eliot and I arrived early to church for prayer meeting before the worship service. While we were praying as a group I felt some pain I haven’t felt before, but I didn’t want to assume they were real contractions or get my hopes up so I just ignored it (could the pineapple have worked?! lol).  During the service the pain started getting gradually more painful, so I squeezed Eliot’s leg and let him know that I thought this was it and that we needed to go home directly after service so I could time my contractions and call the midwife.  My contractions were 3-4 minutes apart by the time we got home and getting more painful.  I was even on my hands and knees for a few of them.  I called the midwife and she said I could come in to get checked, so Eliot packed our bags and we were off!  When we got to the hospital they checked me into triage and checked my cervix and I was 4.5 CM, so they let me stay, WHOOP!

They moved us into one of the labor and delivery rooms, got me hooked up to an IV, and we just waited as the contractions came and went.  Pretty soon my contractions started to become unbearable for me so I had the nurses call for an epidural (yes, I was terrified of a giant needle going into my spine, but I was more terrified of the excruciating pain that is natural labor.. sue me).  Before I got the epidural the midwife checked my cervix again and I was 7 CM and my water broke!  This was all so exciting and everything was going so much smoother than I thought it would.  Soon after this I got the epidural, and let me tell you, it was a MIRACLE!! I didn’t feel any more excruciating pain, just some pressure from the contractions.  I was able to relax more and really enjoy the process of labor and I am so thankful that I decided to get the epidural.  Eliot was texting my mom and sister the entire time, giving them updates and sending them pictures of me throughout the process.  The nurses were so kind and enjoyable to be with throughout the labor.  My midwife came in a little while later to see how I was doing and to check my cervix again, and low and behold I was 10 CM already!! It was time to start pushing! I couldn’t believe it and neither could Eliot.  My nurse, Cynthia, told me that my body was made to have babies because the labor was going so smoothly for my first baby.  Best compliment ever.

The midwife and nurses were getting everything set up and ready to go. Eliot texted everyone telling them that it was time for me to start pushing! Once my next contraction came along I needed to push and it was honestly like pushing when you are going poop (TMI again?).  It was so strange but I went with it and did what the midwife and nurses said to do.  With each contraction I took deep breaths and pushed as hard as I could, and with each contraction the pressure down low was getting worse.  Towards the end of my pushing I was about ready to give up because I felt as if I had used up all of my strength already and tears streamed down my face out of frustration.  My nurse, Cynthia, grabbed my hand, pulled it down and placed it on my baby boy’s head, which was almost out.  That was just the motivation that I needed to push him out, and by the next contraction I pushed with all of my might and never felt as much satisfaction as I did when I felt his body come out.  Never had I felt as much joy as I did when I heard him crying and when they placed him on my chest.

Graham Eliot DeLorme.  Our precious baby boy was 7 lb. 6 oz. and 20 inches long of pure perfection.  He was (and is) the most perfect baby I have ever laid my eyes on.  I was crying tears of joy and my heart was bursting at the seams.  Eliot was laughing and crying with pure joy.  We couldn’t believe he was finally here.  Our sweet Graham had made his arrival.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  When I saw Eliot hold our baby boy for the first time my heart couldn’t handle it.  I have never seen him more joyful than he was in that moment.

After a couple hours we got to go upstairs to the beautiful suites that you stay in after delivering your baby.  We had the most beautiful view of the Minneapolis skyline!  Eliot and I didn’t sleep much the two nights that we had to stay in the hospital, not just because Graham cried and figuring out nursing (which, by the way, was SO hard the first week!!), but even when he was asleep we couldn’t sleep because we were so filled with joy and excitement and all we wanted to do was stare at him.  We couldn’t wait to go home and start our life as a little family of three.  We came home on Tuesday afternoon and it felt so surreal driving home with OUR baby.  We couldn’t believe he was ours to keep.  The most precious gift from the Lord.  We came home to my mom at our apartment, who had tidied up the whole apartment, had freshly baked cookies made, mashed potatoes, and beef roast in the crockpot for us.  We were over the moon with joy and thankfulness!

Graham has been with us for 16 days now and these have honestly been the most joyful days of our lives.  He has such a sweet, tender spirit.  Even his cries are so sweet and precious (unless he has a tummy ache, then he screams bloody murder. No more chipotle for mama).  This week has been my first week all on my own since mom left this past Friday and Eliot started his summer job yesterday.  The Lord has given so much grace in this transition and I truly am loving and cherishing every moment with my precious Graham.  I feel like I am in my element with motherhood, like this is exactly what I am supposed to do with my life.  It is everything I dreamed of and more.  Truly the most wonderful calling and the greatest privilege to be Graham’s mama.  I love watching him grow each day and can’t wait to see his personality come through more, but he’s my sweet baby and he can’t grow up too fast.

I know this was a super long post, but it brought back so much incredibly nostalgic joy to my heart to re-read Graham’s birth story.  I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to share any similarities or anything from your birth story!